Caroline's Curse

A Witch's Curse

Caroline St. James was a beautiful young woman -- pretty enough to catch the eye of a very eligible bachelor in her home town. Since it was a time when making an advantageous match was important, her family pushed her toward this young man whom she did not love. Caroline believed she deserved at least one more year of freedom and hoped to discourage the young man from pursuing her. She went to speak to his mother and lost her temper, threatening to curse him or poison him, or accuse him and his mother of witchcraft. She did not know that his mother actually was a witch. Caroline was attacked, struck in the head and rendered unconscious.

When she awoke, she had been turned to stone. The witch told her she would be allowed one live day per year to try to atone for her transgressions. Her one live day takes place from sunset on the Spring Equinox until sunset the following day. However, as a decoration, she also became a saleable item for the witch who had cursed her. She was sold and subsequently moved far enough away that atonement became impossible.

For nearly three hundred years she has lived as a statue, learning to keep her mind from shattering by observing and trying to spend her live days the best way she knows how. She is merely existing though, as the world becomes less and less tolerant.