Thobel’s Creatures

forest phaganax


In Thobel, there aren’t many creatures more feared than phaganax. They possess wicked teeth and they move at speeds hard to escape. These little monsters hunt in large packs. The artwork was provided by Eliza’s eldest son.



Venonychus are deadly pack hunters with sharp claws that contain magic resistant poison. They can be trained using a potion and have become the Sogelli Empire's most feared weapon.



Earth humans imagined the type of flying monster that Thobel humans deal with all the time. Rhyncas are man-eaters and like our dragons, they can carry men away for a later snack. They are blue, meaning they have a natural camouflage. They hunt in mated pairs and they are extremely hard to kill unless you possess magic. Again, the artwork was provided by Eliza's eldest son.



Can you imagine a three-eyed dinosaur. There's something very unusual about these herbivores -- mainly that they seem to show up when something important is about to happen. Trigeros are smart and generally friendly. Don't try to hurt them though -- they can remember for years.

Mora Beast


Moras are a mount animal used only by the most experienced riders. Since they are unusually tall, it takes a special saddle with a mounting step to get astride. Moras have claws and a small trunk that is very agile (enough to untie knots). They can also trumpet so loud that predators get scared away.