Sogell Revolution Tetralogy

Something Special

Something Special, Book 1

Book 1

Released April 2018

Zalene Ayel left the safety of her home with one goal in mind – saving her ten-year-old brother Pariev from slave traders. That was before she fell through an icy lake and drowned. She should be dead, and yet she finds herself with the Qataeba (the most hunted race of people on the continent) as part of a chain of events set in motion by the greatest sage her world has ever known, who also happens to be the brother she meant to rescue. By allowing himself to be placed in peril at that time, Pariev has shaken his whole family into action against the slave trade, and led Zalene to the one place where she can make the most difference.  Families who were divided can be reunited, but only if she's brave enough to be part of something special.
    “Lives, happiness, love, countries -- all depend on this taking place.” – Pariev

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Too Much


Book 2

Released November 15, 2018

Just when Zalene has learned how to manage her seemingly endless magic, she has a whole new problem; her connection to the world is making her ill.  Cypress may have the answer, but it means changing everything Zalene has learned about her power.

Meanwhile, the fight against slavery and the plans of the evil emperor Zhiabek become insurmountable. Hickory must decide how far  to take this fight, when the only army he has are the young people he raised.

Another devastated clan returns to the Peninsula. Their discovery should mean that Forest Fox has more friends, instead, tensions grow and put the Cliff Gulls Clan in the path of the ruthless Merchants Guild.

Zalene and her Forest Fox friends want to make their world a better place, but with all they have to handle, the struggle may prove to be too much.

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Enemy Lines


Book 3

Tentatively planned for April 2019

The Uprising


Book 4 

Tentatively scheduled for release November 2019

Something Special Reviews


Melissa Mead, Author

"One thing I love about this book is that it appreciates family. So many Fantasy heroes are orphans. Here, the sisters look out for each other. And there are characters who are, say, missing an arm, just part of the gang. It's refreshing.

The best part? This book celebrates kindness and helping each other. We need more of that."

Annie Dyer, Author

"This book really is something special!

Eliza  Ames creates a fantastic world that mirrors our own in terms of what  humanity is. Her writing is neat and precise and she creates characters  that are relatable and in many ways, iconic. Zalene, the story’s central  character, is an interesting and lovable creation. I’m can’t wait to  read the next."