Provo Lovers



Can two people unlucky in love find their match in each other?

Regina Connor's heart has been broken.  Her fiance took off with their money, valuables, and most of her self-esteem. Worse, he's just one in a long line of users she's fallen for. She's pretty sure her taste in men is suspect, and she's ready to swear off men altogether.

Joel Bryant is also nursing a broken heart. His girlfriend decided perfumed candles were more important than the headaches they cause him. What could he do besides call it quits? But he hates to give up on anything. Until he meets the girl next door. Suddenly he wonders why he'd hung on to the other relationship so long.

Regina and Joel are a matched set with too much in common to ignore. However, they also have plenty of reason to be wary.

Fate has its own plans and a strange sense of humor.

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